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Root Canal Therapy – Lenox Hill, NY

Fast Relief for Your Toothache

Are you currently suffering through a toothache that’s keeping you up at night and interfering with your ability to enjoy your daily life? Does your tooth feel extra sensitive to hot and cold foods and beverages? Is there dark discoloration in and around your hurting tooth? If so, you might need root canal therapy in Lenox Hill, NY. Although this procedure is rumored to be painful, it actually relieves your toothache and saves your natural tooth from needing to be extracted. To learn more about root canal therapy and how it can benefit you, keep reading below, or just give us a call. Our friendly and helpful team will be more than happy to help!

What Is a Root Canal?

woman in dental chair about to get root canal in Lenox Hill

During a root canal, your dentist in Lenox Hill will remove the pulp, or the inner chamber, of your tooth, where the nerve is located. Then, the pulp chamber and canals of your tooth are cleaned to remove all traces of infection. The inside of the tooth is filled with a rubber-like gutta-percha material and sealed into place with cement. Since the tooth is often left brittle and weak after root canal therapy, a filling or dental crown is usually placed for protection.

Are Root Canals Painful?

diagram of root canal

While root canals have a daunting reputation, they’re actually not painful at all. Most of the pain associated with root canals comes from the toothache that warrants the procedure. We’ll make sure your that your mouth is numbed up with plenty of local anesthetic before we begin treatment so that you won’t feel a thing.

Why Do I Need a Root Canal?

woman in pink shirt with toothache in dental chair

If your tooth is infected with serious decay, then not getting it treated could result in the infection spreading to other teeth or even the bone supporting your teeth. You could then end up losing other teeth! For this reason, you should alert us if you experience any of the following symptoms:

Tips for Recovering from a Root Canal

elderly couple sitting on couch

While the root canal itself isn’t painful, you can expect some soreness and discomfort for a few days after your procedure. Here are a few tips to manage that:

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